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We at KSHEMA TECHNOS supplies high security Mortise and cylindrical electronic Smart locks. Our products include comprehensive list of security door locks like

  • High security magnetic card Smart locks.
  • RF card based electronic Smart locks.
  • Intelligent fingerprint Smart locks.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/App based Smart locks.

We also provide the customized Smart locks with all in one features, multi latches etc.

Our Vision

Technological advancement with Smart home locks have raised the bar of safety and security. Enter the digital world with our high security Smart door locks, Just a push to lock and a touch to unlock. A Safe, Secure and Convenient way to lock and unlock the doors.

Kshema Technos Digital Security Solutions

Kshema protects homes and businesses behind their Smart locks with different designs and models. Quality, Security and Safety are integral part of our products. No Burglary, No tense for missing keys, No waiting for the physical key, No sharing of keys, No worries of forgetting to lock the door.